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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let's Get Plowed!

Miss Iggy sings "Let's Get Plowed" to the tune of Jennifer Lopez's "Let's Get Loud" as she scopes the snowy landscape that has forced school closures and flight cancellations across New Jersey and New York today (Wednesday EST). The only thing loud when you're snowed in like this is the sound of snow throwers like this one.

That's a snow sculpture shaped like a car behind her. Wait, that IS a car! As of this writing, we're buried in about 10 inches of snow outside. The snow is still falling!

Miss Iggy just wants to stay indoors and have warm chicken sotanghon soup!

1 comment:

Sreisaat said...

Let's get plowed - luv eet! Khmer Iggy and I missed your fun play of words, FF. We, too, are dancing to that tune plowing... dust! Yes, it's summertime already here in Cambodia and once again, we are covered in a blanket of dust.

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