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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Miss Iggy in Siem Reap

Miss ex-Schoolgirl Iggy finally got to explore the Angkor Thom temple complex in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Achievement unlocked! (She was actually ecstatic just to see a real live elephant.)

It was indeed an awesome and spectacular experience--so much dedication, artistry, and craftsmanship!

Miss Iggy plans to come back--there's still so many things she didn't get to do in Cambodia! One's visiting her sister Khmer Iggy, and then there's biking around Siem Reap, trying out the little tea shops, and simply getting lost and meeting new friends in the process. So, this is isn't goodbye but a "See you again soon, Siem Reap!"


fortuitous faery said...

Wow! I'm surprised you didn't meet up with Khmer Iggy!

Sharon Wagner said...

That doll gets around! Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a good day.

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