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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Miss Iggy Looks Back At 2009

Miss Iggy casts a pensive glance at the golden soy fields in semi-rural Plainfield, Illinois, and retrospectively at the year that was. Illinois' nickname is "The Prairie State," and here is one picturesque explanation of that. Photo taken back in September '09.

Here are some of the highlights of Miss Iggy's 2009:

And the list goes on and on! Miss Iggy had adventures in food, too, but they are quite numerous to fit here. Doll domination draws steadily near in the horizon...may it ever continue this 2010! :)


Lin said...

Miss Iggy, I am about 45 minutes away from Plainfield! You really should call when you are in the 'hood. I would love to see your baby in person. :)

Mrs said...

i love the doll :) I know them from Baguio .. I don't know if they still sell them but would definitely get some when I go home for my classroom (hope that happens really soon)

fortuitous faery said...

lin: it's great to know miss iggy has a fan up there in the windy city! :)

mrs.: yes, the dolls never go out of stock in baguio city. but ours came from strawberry farm in benguet! :)

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